Our Cockroach Control Treatment gives you complete freedom from cockroaches and its influence on your health and hygiene. Ashrith cockroach control treatment pesticide is an industry-standard product, eco-friendly, and also harmless to children. Cockroaches may have invaded your house or commercial space through any packages, bags, boxes, luggage, drain pipes, washroom, and sink. Which makes them harder to spot and prevent its unhygienic and harmful outcomes.



1. Cockroaches eat everything from plants to processed food and dead cells to garbage.
2. Cockroaches are cannibals and run at 3 miles per hour which makes them easier to spread harmful diseases and harder to spot.
3. Cockroaches can hugely impact your overall hygiene.
4 Cockroaches carry 33 kinds of bacteria and 3 types of parasitic which cause food poisoning, asthma and skin allergies, etc.
5. Around 40% of food poisoning unscheduled medical visits and hospitalizations for food poisoning are caused by a cockroach in India

Treatment Proved:

Residential Cockroach Control Treatment
Commercial Cockroach Control Treatment